Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bubbling world of web technologies

The world of a web application development is in a continuous state of changes ; new ideas emerge every days, some being only a rejuvenation of more older ones by new generation IT engineers.
We may spend a lot of time in following all the IT trends, trying to evaluate some emerging technologies and then communicating our excitement or even our deception.
Blogs, wikis, technology portals help us to spare some time of our calendar, or maybe the contrary :) This blog will be one blog more in the constellation of information providers. My goal is first to help me to share information with other people, have a return of my feelings or eventual intuitions, and finally communicating with people sharing the same interests.
I'm curious of everything, and it is a shame for me by now to have to choose in which area focusing my attention in order not to widespread myself a lot. By my personal professional journey, I've developped some skills in sofware methodologies (traditionnal and more advanced ones), languages (OO but also synchronous, real-time, functionnal, ...), and more generally software engineering.
So I'll speak more especially on this blog about these subjects in the forecoming posts.
If you want to know what are my current subjects of interest, I could tell you higgledy-piggledy: RESTlets, OSGI-server, GWT, Continuation web programming, functionnal languages like OCAML and Haskell, Groovy, DSL and still Smalltalk through Seaside....
A bientôt

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