Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Assembla, a rapid collaborative developpement environnement

I've already spoken about RallyDev, Jazz , Atlassian softs (concluence, jira, bamboo, ...) for the commercial collaborative development environments (CDE), or Trac and consors for the open sources ones.
I would like today introduce a new comer, i.e. Assembla. It is another CDE which aims to fulfill roughly the same requirements than the Rallydev application. With Assembla you will be able to develop several products and projects in an agile manner, eg Scrum. You'll be able to trace issues liek bugs, enhancement requests, patches, requirements, but also to formalize development milestones, and so on...
The tool is in a SaaS mode and is quite affordable. It is also designed to be connected with different tools like Trac, Bugzilla, Mercurial, Subversion, ... You have the choice.

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