Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eclipse E4 incubator

Eclipse Ganymede is delivered and widely used.... But what is the future of Eclipse? With Ganymede we reached a point where adding functionnalities would not be enough to confront the future. This future which is already the present is a mix of old and new technologies, ie desktop applications, RCP applications, Light client applications, RIA applications, and so on...
We need from now an unified model enabling with a single paradigm to reach all the goals behind all these technologies. I think that Eclipse could try to achieve this target because of all the underlying technologies used into Eclipse like OSGI, good programming model, the community, ...
It is maybe also the goal that Eclipse 4, E4 for short, will have to take into account.
For this purpose, an incubator project has been initiated, whose the roadmap is the following.

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