Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SmartGWT first beta

Sanjiv is well known as the guy who initiated the GWT-ext wrapper above the famous ext-js Ajax library. After the change of licence of ext-js from open source to commercial one, Sanjiv smashed the door to begin a new project based uppon the SmartClient Ajax library, which is and will still remain free for use... Having these evidence stated, Sanjiv started to develop the SmartGWT library for our best hapiness.
I'm particularly likje in this library the ability to use the DataSources where the FETCH, ADD, UPDATE and REMOVE key operations are finally quite similar to the GET, POST, PUT and DELETE REST operations. So if you choose to develop with GWT and Restlets for instance, SmartGWT could be the library you may have to choose for linking the client and the server. To be check with a real sample of course.
Long life to this library!
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