Friday, December 12, 2008

GWT 1.6 Roadmap

Good news ; GWT 1.6 will be available for use in at most 3 months. Among the new features or improvements, we can notice the introduction of new events handlers instead of listeners (deprecated in the next version). We will have then a finer grain of beheviour on widgets.
But the post 1.6 features are very appealing ;) like :
  • UI declarative format
  • Developer Guided Code splitting
  • Client Bundle
GWT is beginning to become quite mature and powerful.

1 comment:

ruslan said...

Could you please share your thoughts when declarative UI will be available at least as a beta ? I talked to couple guys in GWT team and release of UI Binder is constantly postponed since Oct 2008 which is very unfortunate :(

Thank you.