Monday, December 15, 2008

Java 7

Java7 is on the road ; it is not yet officially available but can be nevertheless dowloaded here.
Here is a sum-up of the embedded libraries in this version :
  • Modularity (superpackages and Java Module System)
  • NIO2 , enhancing the NIO channels
  • Units and Quantites
  • Date and Time API
  • Cache API
  • Concurrence
  • XQuery API
  • Resources consumption management
  • Swing Application framework
  • Beans Binding and Beans Validation
  • Java Media Components
  • JMX 2.0 and web services connectors for JMX
Along these libraries, the long awaited Block closure feature should also appear. Such a feature could be useful to build DSL like Linq for Java for instance, or groovy-like builders.

For the ones who want already use closures, you can go here.

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