Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scala, a nice language

In the universe of development languages, it is very difficult to choose one especially...because it depends on the kind of software you want to develop in one side, and the environmental constraints on the other part. For efficiency, C is still (when well programmed) on the top. For general purpose applications, java or c# are good. For web development on the browser, javascript is almost mandatory, and so on... So the philosophical stone is not yet to be reached.
Nevertheless, I took a glance on Scala few months ago, and I have found it very interesting, concise, agile, and efficient. The learning curve is also quick to learn. Another point is the ability to mix java and scala, and the most important is the disponibility of an eclipse plugin for developping efficiently... So why not using Scala as well?
An interesting article from James Strachan, the creator of Groovy about Scala. At the beginning, I was quite fan of Groovy, but personnaly I think syntax and concepts have evolved in a too complex manner... even if Groovy has powerful features which may match some areas like specific domain languages or metaprogramming.

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