Friday, September 9, 2011

Dart new google programming language for the web

It seems that google wants ,after having invested in gwt, go, and other stuff, to influence the web programming too ... The new baby is DART :
* presentation
* announce
* article

What is interesting to me, it's the people who have worked on it. Go was developped by C creator and fellows, and Dart by emminent Smalltalker :)

We may imagine that these two languages (go an dart) will share different kind of problematics and different kind of granularity, and not really compete themselves...

I imagine Dart like a Seaside-like language and framework with continuation inside :) We'll see that in few days.

I also suppose that dart is coming to replace java and dalvik on android machines, and this to avoid problems with Oracle. The path is long to make a new language successful, but if it is related to android, the success (like objective-C) may be guaranteed.

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