Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Intel leaves Meego, already left by Nokia, to focus now on Tizen .

What will be the future of this new platform?  It will depend on the ecosystem which will be built around it, and the strategic industrial members along Intel. I've no prognostics up to now on the chance of success of this initiative.

Nevertheless, the architecture of this platform (based upon Linux and HTML5 as corner stones) is interesting, and makes WebOS choices open sourced. HTML5 is obviously the next universal GUI system. Why still learn different systems like swing, gtk, winforms, flash, silverlight, and so on... when we have powerful browsers(web engines actually, the key of universality) , many developers already educated in js, htmls, css, and when everybody may find his happiness in the features proposed by the triptic js,css,html5. It lacks of course good IDE, good editors, ... but it is a question of time.

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