Thursday, December 1, 2011


Models, methods, Uml, Mda,Mdd are nowadays less "a la mode", fashionable than 10 years ago. Maybe because we expected too much from them wrt the skills needed from developers to use them correctly. Education failed poorly in this domain. From my point of view, we tried too much to build cathedrals with heterogeneous stones. I'm persuaded that modelling needs a dedicated language to succeed, ie the next generation language while we reinvent the wheel since 20 years withe languages which are conceptually the same with a different flavor ( java, c#, scala, ruby, javascript, go, dart,...). But in lack of this new kind of language, we have to do withthe latter. Today i just wanted to recall in mind that higher level languages already exist to ensure that the generated code is conformed to the specifications. It is the case of the so called synchronous languages, but also formal methods like the B-Method, and its latest evolution taking into account events. It even exists eclipse based IDE like the rodin-b one. If you are curious, don't hesitate to have a glance to it.

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