Sunday, February 3, 2013

Typescript : useful entry points

The typescript community is not very widespread until now, but some interesting initiatives make the growing of this community easier... Here are few entry points to search and find features you need :
With this, you may start to build something interesting with TypeScript ; personnaly, we started to use it on a project, and I like the language a lot for the flexibility it offers to me, while giving me software engineering means for building robust and maintenable code.

I think the next step  is to offer the community with a good development framework written in typescript, for typescript developpers... This client-side framework would be able to ensure the following :
  • MVC-like features
  • history management
  • efficient ajax capabilties
  • i18n 
  • event notifications between view
  • security
  • good development patterns
  • and so on...
It should be simple to understand, easy to use, easy to configurate, and so on...
Interested in?

update : an very interesting bunch of articles about the single-page web application development ; clear and concise

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