Tuesday, October 28, 2008

COMET architectural pattern

The world of distributed applications is constantly moving and new technologies or patterns are emerging. The COMET architectural pattern is a little bit like the REST one, ie a growing up technology for solving some kind of problematics, even if they are antithetic.
Up to now, data and event flows are from the client to the server. So, if we have an application where many data are updated by several people, we have to make polling on the client side for catching change events and doing consequent actions.
We've seen with frameworks like PureMVC and inversion control pattern, that it is quite better for an application to send events to the related components and to leave these components doing what they have to do when receiving the dispatched events.
COMET aims to solve this problem in distributed applications. Let's imagine that a user updated data from the client to the server. It could be convenient for the server to notify every browsers which are registered for these data that these ones have been updated, and then let the client side application decide what to do consequently.
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