Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smalltalk is going back

I've been fond of Smalltalk since 20 years but have not the occasion any more to develop with this great language/ide :-(
It seems that people after having tried java, c#, ruby, python, groovy, grails, ruby on rails,..., to solve their development problems reached conclusions that everything or almost was already thought, designed 30 years ago with Smalltalk.
Smalltalk is again in the front of door with Seaside, ther continuation framework firstly built in Squeak.
An IBM internal project still focus on Smalltalk for adapting Smalltalk to the eclipse platform through the STDT project.
I hope that Smalltalk will be back on the market, because it still the best architectured language ever.

For information, below can be found a list of Smalltalk providers :


jarober said...

Smalltalk has been on the market continuously since the 80's - http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com

Xavier Méhaut said...

Hi Jarober,
Thanks to recall this in mind. Actually I was in a french company at my beginnings which was the first parcplace smalltalk 2.1 provider (TNI)in France. This product was renamed later VisualWorks, and now Cincom Smalltalk... Long life to Smalltalk :) and I wish especially new generation developpers.