Saturday, November 10, 2012


One month ago, Microsoft presented TypeScript, an open source project under the rules of arts, mimicking even what Google does while  presentating the language or even in naming the web site.

I've followed Dart since its beginning, and of course I've had to take a glance to this new language... When i discovered GWT 6 years ago, i was appealed by this framework, and the underlying concepts... I've adopted it at once... It was not the same feeling when I discovered Dart...and it is still not the case, I don't know why...maybe a little bit ;)

When i've seen Typescript, the experience I had with GWT was coming back to me... I'm pretty sure the choices made by Microsoft (it is hard for me to say that ...) were the good ones...while waiting for an hypothetic great enhancement of the javascript standard.

Why is it the good choice? For pragmatic reasons indeed ; we are flooded by technologies everywhere, frameworks, languages, libraries, and so on... but we still have 24h per day... When we develop an application, we have to focus on the business first... and to use a rich ecosystem to spend less time in tehcnical problems... For web development, GWT was based uppon the java ecosystem, typescript will be on the javascript ecosystem...while Dart is making its own ecosystem, and it'll take time. The only reason today i see to use Dart would be if Google decided to use dart as replacement of Java/dalvik on android devices (it will be maybe the case).  I give me time to have a more defintive advice about it... Things may change...

To go back to TypeScript, i've right now only a good feeling... I'll have to experiment a lot it to have a better advice about it... But I already see hwo I could use it easily with bootstrap, jquerymobile, jquery, and so on...

We also may envisage to port some nice dart libraries into typescript as Dart is also open source. I also would like to have an eclipse plugin or IntelliJ idea for Dart, because I've some repulsion about visualstudio...

I eager to see how TypeScript will be approved or not by the community.

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