Saturday, December 8, 2012

Amber (formerly JTalk)

Amber is a smalltalk engine and ide generating javascript for web development purpose... The IDE is embedded into the browser itself and the compiler is written in javascript upon jquery.

Its is a very nice language and I miss Smalltalk a lot (I stopped to write applications in Smalltalk 10 years ago) and after looked after many languages for the web, many translators for javascript, and so on, Smalltalk remains me how this language is pure, simple, well thought from the ground, and still in advance in concepts... IDEs in a browser exist in this language for many years (Seaside), and other frameworks are children of Smalltalk too (for instance Eclipse and eclipse orion today).
So why not thinking of Smalltalk again? I let you discover it by taking a glance to Amber.

What would we want more in Amber from now? Some tools we could find in Cloud9 for instance, ie configuration management, ... , or a connection with phonegap by integrating phonagap api inside the smalltalk browser, and eventually some components and a huge community behind Amber...

Thanks Nicolas Petton for this great tool.

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